GABA for Blood Pressure

How GABA Reduces Blood Pressure

GABA helps us in maintaining a balance when our brain is in a state of excitation. In such a situation there is a rise in blood pressure levels which can ultimately lead to stoke or a mild heart attack. GABA tea is a natural resource of GABA and is very helpful in reducing the levels of blood pressure and hypertension.

A process called “action potential” allows the GABA supplement to control blood pressure levels. An action potential is a speedy, transitory, self- transmitting excitation, which is electrical, of the membrane of excitable (electrical) cells, better known as nerve impulse or spike in our neurons.

Our nerves, neuroendocrine cells and muscles are the major regions of action potential occurrence. These are engendered and transmitted through the activities of the voltage-gated ions. The action potentials can be called digital signals as well. It helps in encoding the signals or information.

High blood pressure demands medical attention, but it can also be supplemented with GABA products such as GABA tea. Make sure you don’t forget your regular medicines, which are still very necessary to keep you going.

About Blood Pressure

Over 50 million Americans are reported to have high blood pressure levels. This is not a disease but a symptom, as it brings along many complications which needs immediate attention. Prolonged high blood pressures can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many other major complications.
The force exerted by the heart towards the arterial walls while pumping out blood is commonly known as “Blood Pressure”. A rise in the pressure at which the heart pumps the blood out can lead to severe complications which can be fatal.

If one has a tendency of increased blood pressure then the chances of reduction is unlikely. It is always better to work towards keeping one’s blood pressure levels low. This can be maintained through proper diet, brisk walking and regular exercise. A low salt diet is the best way to keep HBP or high blood pressure away.

The average level of blood pressure is 120 (systolic or top number) / 80 (diastolic or bottom number). Anything above this mark is a sign of danger.

Types of GABA Supplements for Blood Pressure

GABA tea is a miraculous treatment for high blood pressure. It reduces the blood pressure level by allowing the arterial and venous muscles to relax. It prevents muscle contractions, as our veins and arteries are creased with the muscles, drinking GABA tea aids more blood flow through our veins and arteries.

GABA is a natural supplement that has turned out to be a miraculous treatment for high blood pressure. Gama-aminobutyric acid, better known as GABA is basically an amino acid. It is most important and the copious inhibitory of our nervous system. It acts as a neurotransmitter of the brain which induces relaxation and sleep. A neurotransmitter helps in transmitting impulse of the nerve across synapse. A synapse is an area from where the impulses of the nerve are transmitted to the various terminals of axon.

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3 thoughts on “GABA for Blood Pressure

  1. Ros marnham

    I would like to know, is it safe to take GABA while one ace inhibitors for hypertention?? and If so what dose?

  2. Gary S Smith

    I think it unwise to consistently take a natural supplement while taking a doctor recommended drug for a condition. I would ask my doctor is it is ok to try it and perhaps see if he would lower medication if it can be determined that you are responding in a positive way to the natural supplement. I have seen gaba lower bp considerably in people. Often the gaba is taken with niacin and inositol…when this is the case it is hard to determine what is lowering the blood pressure.


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