GABA for Depression

GABA is an abbreviated term for gamma-aminobutyric acid, an abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in human brain. GABA is basically an amino acid that helps induce relaxation and sleep. It encourages the brain to maintain balance in a state of over-excitation. GABA helps in motor control, visionary functions and many other related cortical functions. Anxiety and depression can be treated with the help of GABA.

How GABA Supplements Can Help

Research has shown that an individual deficient in GABA is likely to be prone to anxiety, stress, depression and nervousness. Further, research on people suffering from this kind of disorders was conducted by using GABA supplement. He result showed that GABA helps in releasing stress, allows the mind and body to relax and induces sleep.

GABA is popularly known for treating depression and other symptoms related to the term. Depression is a response; it happens due to a dearth of necessary chemicals our body. These chemicals can be restored naturally with the help of natural GABA supplements.

There is an intricate link between our mood, behavior and our biochemical brain. Due to a faulty message sent to the biochemical brain, depression or anxiety might arise. Faulty message is the result of shortage of neurotransmitters, the key brain chemical. The shortage is mainly due to the lack of amino acids in the brain. The sate of depression is related to the lack of amino acids. Depression is the result of the shortage, because the levels of aluminum, copper, mercury ad lead rises and toxicities the body, interfering with the proper functioning of the brain and thereby causing depression.

The pool of amino acid needs to be shored up with the lacking neurotransmitters and the toxic metals need to be flushed out our body, and you will see striking improvements in your behavior. Depression will be gone.

Standard anti depressants can be a temporary relief along with side effects. It is always better to use a natural supplement like GABA. GABA does not have any side effects as such and is a great way of maintaining a healthy mind and body. GABA is not addictive and is a great help for blood pressure, weight loss, ADHD and nervousness.

GABA and Depression

The theory of Depression and GABA, which is prevalent these days says that lower level plasma of GABA may recognize a tendency that is inheritable for mood swings like that of depression. Today, studies reveal that an increase in GABA might trigger depression. Until it is treated or the level of GABA is lowered, the depression episode persists. This piece of information states that the GABA theory is much more complicated than it seemed to be. Whether a high dose of GABA is effective or not, for depression, is still a question. That is why taking it as a supplement while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is optimal.

Prevention is always better than cure and it is better to take advice before using and supplements.

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5 thoughts on “GABA for Depression

  1. Alison Hendry

    Your paragraph on GABA & Depression is hardly reassuring. I have recently started taking GABA 500mg. I have been suffering from Depression for over twenty years and wake-ups several times per night.
    I have taken the opinion of a highly qualified Psychiatrist who does not think that GABA will have much effect on my condition.
    I am also treated with Lithium for depression.

    It’s now a question of ‘Wait & See’ if I find GABA useful.

  2. Ann Marie Rillo

    I also have had many episodes of depression over the years, but I’ve never taken anything for it. Have you noticed any positive changes yet with the GABA?

    Thank you.

  3. Sandi

    I have found that Gaba does little for depression except that it help me sleep better at night, and that is probably helpful ie i can work through the depression if I am not so completely exhausted as to be fantasizing about suicide just to get some rest!
    I take it just before bed. I do find there are side effects however, shortly after consuming it – i feel breathless for a minute or so, and then my chin, mouth and throat tingle for another couple of minutes. I use a powdered form, and to the doasage may not be always exact – sometimes this side effect is less severe than at other times. It’s not intolerable, although the breathlessness is a bit frightening at first. But I have been able to sleep straight through for 4 to 5 hours, where I was lucky to get 90 minutes at night.

  4. Keith Houle

    Intense exercise will help you sleep better and stimulate your brain to make more neural connections,..release stem cells to make new brain matter and to lift the fog of depression. Swimming is also excellent (from experience) it seems to clean you energetically and stimulate alot of sensory pathways. try it,..its worth it. Plus studies have shown that exercise is just as effective as most drugs at curing depression. More blood flow,..more oxygen, more brain power.

  5. evan

    I took GABA during my first few months of recovery from alcohol. It helped me tremendously with anxiety and depression. It seemed to calm me down for sleep, and also keep me level headed during the workday, so I could focus on my tasks.
    Then one day it seemed that the “fog” had been lifted and I no longer felt the need to take it. I truly believe that GABA works wonders for someone struggling with addiction or alcoholism.


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