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A deficiency in GABA can lead to severe complications and it is then necessary for a person to use a supplement. The dosage varies with the condition; a person suffering from hypertension will not be recommended the same dose as that of a person who is suffering from obesity.

Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid is a non-essential amino acid present in the brain. It is the most widespread inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain and helps in maintaining a proper balance between the mind and the body. Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid, better known as GABA, is a natural tranquilizer; it helps induce sleep and improves sleep quality as well. GABA increases the level of Human Growth Hormone which further helps in maintaining a healthy body, has anti aging properties and also helps in losing excess fat from the body.

The highly recommended dose of GABA includes 250 mg to 500 mg thrice daily. This is an ordinary dose for treating chronic pain or for preventing seizures. If a single dose of GABA is taken then it should not exceed 750mg.If advised by a specialist, only then you should increase the dose, or else not.

GABA does not have an established Recommended Daily Allowance or RDA, but there are specific doses for some typical diseases noted below.

Suggested GABA Dosage

For Epilepsy, 250 mg to 500 mg of GABA can be taken thrice daily.

For Fibromyalgia, 250 mg to 500 mg of GABA to be taken thrice daily or as recommended by the physician.

For Insomnia, 500 mg to 1000 mg of GABA to be taken before sleep.

For Stress, 250 mg thrice daily or 750 mg of GABA to be taken once daily

For Tobacco dependence, 250 mg thrice daily or 750 mg of GABA to be taken at night before going to bed.

These are general doses meant for adults. It can vary with the intensity of the disorder. A doctor will guide you through this. GABA should always be taken on an empty stomach, preferably at night. It can cause mild drowsiness.

GABA helps children who are suffering from ADHD. The dosage, incase of children depends on their body weight and age. Usually ½ a capsule to maximum 6 capsules can be taken depending on age and body weight, an hour before breakfast, in the mid-afternoon and an hour before going to bed.

GABA is available in the form of powder, tablets and capsules. Capsules are often opend and mixed with a juice or water, it allows easy ingestion.GABA is also available in the form of sublingual tablets, which are usually placed undrer our tongue and left until dissolved.

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42 thoughts on “Proper Dosage

  1. Ivancica Gajsak

    Can be more specific about dose for children with ADHD? I have boy 7 years old, 26 kg.
    Can you recomend me dose.

  2. Crystal

    Hi, Could you please tell me the dosage in milligrams for a child- weight: 43kgs height: 152cms? Is the capsule a powder or liquid form? Thank you

  3. michael fredsell

    I have been taking GABA 750 MG for 2 weeks now in the morning for anxiety and depression. I can see it works but wears off by 5 PM. What am I to do then?

    1. Marni

      I found the same thing, it wearing off. I take half in the morning and half around 1pm. Exceeding the 750mg per day did not work well for me. It is kind of a waste since GNC sells in in capsules but I pour out half and it works great. I also take L-tyrosine 1/2 doses with it. I have noticed a HUGE change. My brain used to spin out on everything and I felt so lethargic and depressed. I cut WAY down on caffeine and started taking these and in just a few days I feel completely different. Of course consult a dr but just wanted to share my experience.

      1. Renee

        I have a similar condition. I had been prescribed Klonopin for anxiety, racing thoughts, and nerves. I moved and my new prescriber refused to continue the medication because of the dependency, abuse, and long term adverse affects. It was the only thing I had taken that helped all those things, particularly the thoughts spinning out of control. I do believe children with adhd grow to be adults with adhd. So as I tried to stop the Klonopin, the preexisting condition hit me hard, as well as the withdrawal from the Klonopin as I have been using it for years. Desperately, I asked several homeopathic minded people and one lady suggested gaba as it helps her son with similar symptoms so I tried it. It has helped me get off Klonopin without withdrawal because I was told it fills the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, and in place of Klonopin it has eased my preexisting condition. I just started last week but so far so good. I too have noticed it works better when I take smaller doses…375ish three times a day, not all at once. And when it wheres off, my anxiety and racing thoughts increase so that’s when take the next dose and it effects me in less than 1/2 hour. It also relaxes me so if it is in the evening, it is easier to fall asleep. I don’t exceed 500 mg at one dose though.

  4. Cathy

    Do you have any information about taking GABA to try to get off certain medications? Medications such as clonazepam.

    1. Renee

      I am currently trying to get off of clonazepam which I have been taking for years. I talked to someone in a homeopathic store, and she suggested gaba as my symptoms I was treating with clonazepam were similar to her son’s and she said gaba helped. As I tried it, it does fill the benzodiazepine receptors so I don’t feel a horrible withdrawal. It doesn’t take its place or work the same way but it is very helpful and relieving. I have been taking it about a week and am impressed by how it has helped.

  5. Nivia

    I started taking GABA 750 mg for treatment of Fibromyalgia, arthritis. I’ve been living with chronic pain for years. Pain pills just covers the pain, it doesn’t cure it. I also suffer from depression and anxiety… due to Fibromyalgia. My question is.. I take one GABA 750 mg in the morning, but in the late afternoon it wears off.. Can I increase the dose and is it safe, since I also have heart disease. My Dr said is ok to take GABA.

    Thank you… Nivia

    1. patricia

      i take 1500 mg at night of gaba for my anxiety that keeps me from sleeping and i take 500 to 1000 mg a couple of times a day it keeps away pain and anxiety and improves my mood and concentration. i have flare ups of fibromyalgia in the summer when it’s hot and the pollen count is high and and then i take even more. i’m not a doctor but if i were you i’d up the dose to 3 times a day and see if that helps. this stuff has saved my life and now i can sleep and my anxiety is nothing that i can’t deal with when before it imobilized me. i won’t be without it, it’s a wonderful supplement!!!

    2. Joshua

      I have been taking gaba for the past 6 months with no issues. I take 5 to 10 grams at bedtime for weight loss. I have not noticed any side effects. Sometimes I am a little sleepy in the morning but that is it. I take it at night to maximize sleep so my body can repair itself. However, fans is not a cure all. Improve your diet and eating habits for wholistic health. Try reading “how and when to be your own doctor” _ Steve Solomon.
      And good luck. Everyone’s body is different.

  6. karen

    In regards to adhd, i took my 6 yr old son to a naturopath. he suggested starting with 200 mg gaba in the am and another dose in the evening. this visit was so recent, i have no results to share as of yet

  7. Christina

    I have a child with PDD-NOS, just very irritable and prone to explosive behavior. The gaba sublingual works wonders! We have never given him the GABA regularly, but I am thinking we need to! The only thing we have done is kept the bottle with us and given it to him on an as need basis. It calms him within 20 minutes and keeps him calm for the day. I want to take a more provenative approach. He’s 5. Any idea on how many mg he should be having each day?

  8. Francisco

    I have suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia for decades which made my life a true struggle. I worried about apocalyptic imaginary scenarios all day. By chance I came across some info concerning Gaba. I started taking 500 mg in the morning and 1000 at night. It really changed my outlook on things. I truly recommend it.

  9. Estelle

    MY 88 year old Mother who weights 42kg has had the odd sezure.The doctors have put her on a tablet called Convelex 300mg morning and 450mg evening. The medications causes her to be emotionless and very sleepy. Could Gaba be substituted for this medication or partly thereof?
    Please advise,
    Thanking you,

  10. Amanda

    This is to Christina, if Gaba works that well for your son then I would give it to him on a regular basis. It is not fair to him or to you to always be wondering ” when is he going to have an episode today”. I would definitely help him stay in control by giving him the Gaba regularly. If he had diabetes you would make sure to give him his insulin like clockwork all because you are a good mother and want the best for her son. About the dose, as a nurse, I would start with a low dose and work up to see what works well for him. I hope this encourages and helps you in some way.

  11. michelle

    some friends have asked if i can buy this for their infants….they are both 1yr old….i cant believe for a minute that it is safe for infants to take without correct diagnosis?? please can someone advise me….they say that they want it to give their infants a calming effect…..i am very worried on this!

  12. Michael

    I have bulk powder. I take 5,000mg before I go to bed. I’ll tingle and get shortness of breath but that wears off and I sleep and wake up fine. Will any negative health effect be associated with this dosage?

  13. Mike

    I take 10000mgs before my daily nap and wake up and function fine for the rest of the day. The first few 10gram doses gave me severe shortness of breath and very high rate.

    Hopefully increases HGH!

  14. David Walker

    I’m new to this and it makes me pee alot now and I’m not sure at the dozage or when to take it. The bottle says twicw a day but not when and says its 1304 mg but to does not tell me if two capsules or one. Any help provided would be great.


  15. Donna

    If the recommendation is 500mg. 3x’s a day there is no reason someone couldn’t take another 750mg. in the evening…that adds up to the same amount as 500mg 3x’s a day! 1500mg!

  16. Donna

    For those who take the 750mg in the AM, you can certainly take another 750mg in the evening or before going to bed.

  17. nancy

    Answer for infant question, : If it were me, I would highly recommend asking a holistic practioner for what dosage for infants since it can promote HGH, they say too much of a good thing can be bad. So find the right dosage and always way the odds. As always natural is better to try first bc its better on children as medications can dehydrate kids really badly and make them groggy. And as for me, I suffer horribly with racing mind and insomia, and I took two yesterday night. 500mg, no results. increased tonight at 1,000mg and well we’ll see in an hour about how that worked. ONe capsule of melatonin worked wonders for me!, but it gave me terrible nightmares. Although it was there first time in a long time that i had woken up Refreshed! “despite the night terror” Im thinking melatonin may be the better option, even tho I hate nightmares, just bc ZZZzzz’s are so very vital to the bodys repairing and also wards off Pain when you rest well, hence a good nights rest can calm down the fibromyalgia and even disc pain and stiffness in your neck just by resting, Hope this helps everybody. Good luck! I also recommend STA-Cardio For racing heart & high blood pressure. works Wonders for me. go to Sta-Natural and you can speak to a master holistic practicioner for FREE : ) they also have a product that has helped with epilepsy and seizures!!! read the testimonies.

  18. nancy

    sorry that was long. BUt you wouldnt believe how many anxiety and sleep tranquilizers the docs have thrown at me. I truly believe that its better to try your own methods when all else fails. After CT brain scan, countless migraine med, fibromyalgia medicines and MrI revealing two bulging discs in my neck compressing the spinal cord and also suffering with racing pulse and anxiety. In women it can deffinately be the hormones causing problems or low or high thyroid, so i would suggest checking that, you would be suprised what you find out about how easily things are overlooked these days bc they think its stress??? And what could cause more stress than NEVER SLEEPING????>
    I also found that allergies are a major cause for occasional insomnia as well, and there are alot of good supplements that can help prevent flare ups, and even end the duration, like Sambuckis syrup for bronchial allergies and even the kids can take a elderberry liquid for throat and cough.
    I love that stuff. Im not a practicioner but these are my home cures! : ) hope they help! Sweet Dreams everbody!

  19. Clev

    I read all your comments, and the first thing I see, is ADHD, DEPRESSION and similar stuff.
    It is great using GABA instead of psychiatric drugs like anti-depressants and etc.

    You keep saying for “MY” depression/disorder, for “MY”, “MY”.
    First thing! – ADHD is not a disorder because it is an opinion – there is no medical test that proves someone has ADHD – if you have ADHD it is because someone TOLD you that you “have”.

    Depression is not a disorder it is a STATE OF MIND.
    And many of you are in a state of mind that nourishes these “disabilities” – YOU HAVE ACCEPTED THEM AND YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM, like they are living people. STOP being sorry for yourself and find a bigger game in your life, bigger than treating your sudden mood changes (or long term low mood) with drugs. Find an occupation, find enjoyment in something you will do – but not playing cards or reading newspapers or looking at clothes in stores, but SET UP A GOAL that you will follow and will be passionate about it.

    Going to psychiatrists is only going to make you feel invalidated, less valuable, abnormal, wrong. And they convince you to take drugs to handle a STATE OF MIND!

    By the way, GABA is good – I believe people should consume it, also as vitamins, minerals, water, exercise, amino acids, proteins etc, but these things ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR HAPPINESS AND GOOD MOOD AND PLEASANT LIFE!!! Because if you are unhappy, not productive, don’t create valuable things, YOU WILL END UP WITH MANY PROBLEMATIC STATES OF MIND regardless of the supplements you take.

    Stop treating your conditions like living beings, “MY DISEASE THAT, MY DISEASE THIS”.

    1. HH

      If you don’t believe in ADHD come spend a day with my 10 year old!! What a stupid comment, until you are affected by it don’t speak it!!!

    2. Jennifer

      Depression is a “state of mind”? I hope no one around you goes through a depression, because statements like yours will make them feel terribly misunderstood and will do nothing to help them. You need to know that depression IS a medical condition, not an opinion, not just “feeling bad”, so trying to shake up people with comments such as “Stop feeling sorry for yourself” is not just idiotic, but completely useless. I don’t have a depression myself but my sister and mother have chronic depression and anxiety. They are strong women that can cope with anything life throws at them when they are well, but then a chemical imbalance will trigger again that depression or a panic attack that can only be tamed with the substances their bodies are missing.
      You say GABA is not “A SUBSTITUTE FOR HAPPINESS AND GOOD MOOD AND PLEASANT LIFE!!!” Duh! It is the substance someone’s body may need to reach that happiness, good mood and pleasant life. The way you talk about it like it’s a weak person’s solution to their problem makes me wish there was a pill for closed minds, in which case I would certainly recommend you the maximum recommended dosage.

      1. Linda

        Good for you. Can’t stand ppl who are ignorant. Glad you found this product that helps. I am researching and learning. GABA looks like it’s great for the overall well being, even in weight loss.. as this deals with the mind set on things around us including what’s in the refridgerator! Being around folks with ADHD ain’t funny. I will tell them about this product. They will definitely try it.

  20. Pam

    Clev, doctors used to think the same way you do about ulcers, schizophrenia, and even cancer. You have a point to make, but it is a MINOR point. I would LOVE to do so many things, such as learn new things, set goals, etc. But I am often waylaid by pain, insomnia and depression. The mind & body are one. Changes in the body do affect the mind, just as much as the mind may affect the body. I’d suggest that you live your life, and stop judging & “treating” others to your ignorance.

  21. J. C.

    I care for my elderly mother in her home. Gaba works wonders for her to quell depression, anxiety, mood swings. She’s a worrier too. I give her 750mg every morning on an empty stomach. She is so much happier and content. The alternative would be a prescription antidepressant, and maybe an additional prescription calmative which i’m afraid would cause problems from side effects and falls. I worry and obsess about things, so I take it too, one 750mg capsule daily. I feel so much better and I sleep wonderfully too.

  22. Zion

    Hi,Im 17 years old and i`ve been working out for a year already..i just wanted to know if it safe to take GABA in my age ,and if yes what will be the rught dosage if my weight is 54 kg.?

    Thanks by advance:)

  23. Cecilia

    I wonder what’s the difference between GABA and 5HTP? Can these be taken simultaneously?
    Also, What’s the recommended dosage/benefits for an 8yr old boy with ASD who currently takes 200 mg a day of 5HTP? Any suggestions would be appreciated it.


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