GABA Drinks

GABA Beverages

GABA has, by far been the most trusted calming natural supplement and is non-addictive. Certain Asian countries have been serving GABA drinks for over five years now. These beverages have a calming effect on the mind. Most of the beverages are ready-to-drink, including, tea, coffee, iced tea or coffee, juice, sports and energy drinks.

GABA Drink Benefits

  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Acts as an anti-depressant
  • A therauptic measure for treating insomnia
  • Efficient in treating alcohol abuse syndrome
  • Increases level of Human Growth Hormone, reduces weight and has anti-aging properties
  • Remedy for diabetes
  • Helps patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • Helps patients suffering from epilepsy

Types of GABA Drinks


It is very commonly used and is manufactured mostly in Japan. It is also known as Gabaron Tea. It is a specialized form of tea and is rich GABA, containing more than 150gm of GABA per 100 gm of tea. Besides, being very beneficial to human health, it also has anti-oxidant properties helps prevent cancer and reduces blood lipids.

GABA Coffee

Ezaki Glico has recently launched its new product, RTD or ready-to-drink GABA coffee. The pack contains 28 mgs of GABA and has a soothing effect on both our body and mind. It is a great stress buster.


G-LAT is a GABA enriched Chocolate drink and is amazingly different from any other drink you have tasted. G-LAT is a blend of all the essential benefits of GABA and rich chocolate flavor.

Cocoa is a great stimulant, and we are all aware of that, it was known to be an aphrodisiac, a chemical present in the cocoa beans. Its contents are very helpful for our body and helps in making the hormone serotonin. This in turn induces a feeling of happiness.

Cocoa beans are usually less in fat and as such you need not worry about gaining weight. Moreover, GABA is very efficient in increasing the level of Human Growth Hormones that help in maintaining body weight by reducing excess fat, increases the size of muscles, muscle strength, energy levels and many more.

Chocolate is very good for the heart and contains potassium and magnesium, besides polyphenol chemicals.

Besides, there is also GABA Super Bitter Chocolate by Ezaki Glico. The drink contains 280 mgs of GABA, and claims that a fermentation of glutamic acid, blue-green algae and vegetables fiber are transformed to GABA by using the technology of Dai Nippon.

GABA supplement in any form is a great relaxation for your mind and body.

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