GABA for HGH Levels

The GABA Increases HGH

GABA, or gama-aminobutyric acid, is an outstanding Human Growth Hormone (HGH) releaser. GABA, which is an amino acid and a neurotransmitter, helps in increasing the HGH levels by stimulating the anterior pituitary, which secrets the growth hormone. Research shows that GABA increases HGH levels by 5 times.

Human Growth Hormone helps significantly in the development of growth of muscles and also minimizes fat cell creation. HGH production tends to reduce with age and by the time you reach 40; you face complications like sleep disorders. GBA enhances the anabolic (muscle strengthening) andlipotropic (fat cell preventing) properties of HGH, thus preventing sleep disorders and geriatric complications.

GABA, which is a natural stimulant, enables greater levels of Human Growth Hormone secretion. HGH has excellent anti aging property too. People often take GABA to raise the level of HGH because GABA is a better, safer alternative to most other HGH supplements.

About HGH

Human Growth Hormone, better known as HGH is mainly a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in abundance. Pituitary gland is a part of our endocrine glands, located in the core of our brain. HGH is on of the most complex hormones, composed of 191 amino acids, which is quite a sizeable amount for any hormone. It is also a form of protein generated by the pituitary gland.

HGH acts as a stimulant during adolescence and enhances the development and growth of our body. The hormone generation is at its peak during adolescence. But, that does not mean it stops prior to that period. HGH production continues even after adolescence, but at a decreased rate. This decline in the level of HGH has adverse effects on our mind and body.

Several researches conducted on people deficient in HGH levels has resulted in psychological improvement in perception of a patient’s level of energy and mood. The research was carried out with the implementation of GABA for 6 months.

Studies have also revealed that GABA has shown calming and relaxing behavior towards the mind and body. It helps in decreasing the epileptic seizures and muscle contraction.

GABA increases the HGH level to a large extent if taken post exercise or before retiring to bed at night, preferably on an unfilled stomach. It is better to take GABA at night as it can cause drowsiness.

GABA Benefits for Working Out

• GABA naturally generates or increases the level of growth hormones
• Minimizes stress and anxiety
• Has a calming effect
• Remarkably improves sleep
• Increases the level of energy
• Reduces body fat
• Improves concentration

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  1. divya kirti

    l’m 22 and my height is 5ft.3inch and i am not satisfied with my present height.i want to grow 3-4 inches more.can u plz kindly suggest me that which product of GABA is beneficial for me and has no any side effects in future.i feel so depressed and day by day I’m losing my confidence level.i’m egarly waiting for ur reply.


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