GABA for Meditation

How GABA Helps You Meditate

GABA or Gamma-aminobutyric acid is an active ingredient that helps in meditation. GABA sharpens ones awareness and concentration thereby allowing proper meditation. Moreover, it is a proven fact that the GABA levels increase at the time of meditation.

Meditation helps in releasing stress and anxiety with an increased level of GABA secretion. By taking heed of these mood swings, GABA actually helps in preventing hypertension and heart disorders that are caused by over-stress.

GABA, an abundant inhibitory neuron transmitter, generated in the brain helps in relaxation, and its activities are triggered by Valium and alcohol, these are sedatives. It has been noted that GABA allows the mind to relax and feel at ease, it de-stresses the human mind and is a natural way of maintaining a healthy life style. Mental health has a direct relation with our physical health and vice versa.

About Meditation

Meditation is the most prominent way of clearing our mind from the worldly distractions. Mediation is a state of mind, it is our way of allowing the busy mind to relax and take a deep breath. While meditating we try not to visualize anything beyond eternity, the Buddhists, people who follow he astern religion say that meditation is the best way of connecting with God.

Indian yogis are of the opinion that meditation helps in releasing negative energy from the conscious and subconscious mind, thereby maintaining harmony. Meditation also takes care of the over all well being of the human mind and body.

Meditation is very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. It enhances the motor reflexes, increases motor control, increases tolerance, sharpens perception, improves concentration and awareness. In a nutshell meditation helps in reducing manifold biological functioning and induces relaxation.

Research has proved time and again that meditation has a huge impact on human health and this theory has been tested as well.

It has been noted that over the time, people are taking greater interest in meditation and the eastern practitioners have gathered enough evidence to prove that meditation can cause physiological modifications that includes – metabolic, encephalographic, psychological and autonomic effects.

Over the years, people have developed a fast life, improper eating habits, too much work pressure and finally stress. They face difficulties in dealing with these problems as they have no time for themselves, and that’s the worst part. One should take out some time for themselves, for their well being and healthy mind.

GABA Supplements Help

GABA supplements are an excellent treatment for many such mental blocks and it helps the mind to calm down and relax. Deficiency can lead to severe complications. Remember though, in cases recognized health conditions, it is always better to seek and expert’s advice before taking any natural or GABA supplements.

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4 thoughts on “GABA for Meditation

  1. Jack Pantoni

    I wonder if you could please help. At your website (, you make the claim that “it is a proven fact that the GABA levels increase at the time of meditation.”

    I am looking for support for this claim. (And please understand, I am not challenging it, I am purely interested in finding the research to back this up.) Do you know of any study or studies that have looked into this? Do you have the references to any such papers?

    I am most grateful for anything you could provide on this. Many thanks,
    J. Pantoni

  2. Melida Sandoval

    I have a chid that has been diagnostic with autism aspergers syndrome my question is that have been taking 750mg per night but still having problems having him to go a sleep? I am thinking I might be giving him too much or do need something else it may be combine. Suggestion appreciated. Thank you

  3. HARRY

    GABA is a neuroinhibitor . It slows down your mind ! it is safe ! sleep good ,sleep in, meditate in a quite mind , don’t shake from [parkinsons ] epilepsy etc. Enjoy!!!!

  4. Maree Mc Creadie

    Hi. Pls could you tell me if it is safe to take this product if I am currently taking prescription drugs for anxiety, depression and sleeping. Also is it safe to take with thyroid medication. would this help my 13yr old son who suffers from anxiety, has ADD with beta spindles



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