GABA for Stress

GABA Supplement Helps Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety – these terms can be interchangeably used as a mark of description of today’s world. In this fast moving world, where there are so many obstacles, people find it very difficult to cope up with certain things. The result is stress. The desire to meet a goal and the obstacles on its way is the greatest fear of every person. When they cannot meet up with the expectations, they are stressed out and anxious. It is very common for every individual today, and it is everyone’s story.

When the situation goes out of control, we usually tend to look for a solution, anti-stress, anti-anxiety and anti-depressants come as an aid for these complications. But, are they really helpful. Well, even if they are helpful, side effects follow. That makes situation worse. Not to forget, we are looking for a remedy, not for added complications. Why don’t you try GABA (Gama-aminobutyric acid)? GABA is a natural supplement for de stressing your mind and body and is a natural tranquilizer as well. You can increase our GABA level by having a GABA friendly diet which includes- almonds, tree nuts, whole grains, oats etc.

How GABA Works

Gama-aminobutyric acid or GABA is on of the primary neurotransmitters of our central nervous system. Its major role is to control the neuronal excitation of the central nervous system. GABA is very essential for mammalian brain as it helps in proper functioning. GABA is naturally produced by the brain and is a form of amino acid. GABA is a calming agent and helps inducing relaxation and sleep.

GABA supplement is beneficial for our health and it prevents flawed messages from reaching our brain, which can cause stress and anxiety. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter generated by the brain and it prevents many mental blocks.

With age, the GABA level in a human brain tends to decline. That’s an alarming situation, as it can lead to many complications, stress and anxiety being the primary symptoms. During this stage, it is better to have a diet that contributes to the GABA level or use a natural GABA supplement. These are usually free from side effects and not addictive. Most of the anti-depressants and anti-stress pills lead to addiction, too much of sleep and drowsiness, but GABA stands out. Though it is a natural tranquilizer, but it prevents excess sleeping habits. It improves the quality of sleep and helps in rejuvenating your mind and body.

GABA contributes to mental calmness and improves focus and concentration. A stressful mind cannot think or react properly. What is needed is a way to cope up with these situations and live a peaceful life; GABA stands by you.

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  1. Laura

    I am currently on clomazipam which helps with GABA but has side effects I’m on .5 mg and I was going to wean off but I want to know what dosage to take of GABA I’m 30 and weigh about 148 I was originally put on the prescription for anxiety .


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