Is GABA Safe?

GABA does not have any major side effects and is generally considered safe. However, it is also true that a proper dosage of the supplement should be determined and followed for optimal safety. Generally, GABA supplement can be bought without a prescription, but it is typically better to consult a specialist prior to taking any drug or supplement. Your physical conditions might not support a GABA supplement and then things might take an about turn. Get a thorough check up done to determine if you have diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disorders and also check if you are allergic to something. Based on these factors the doctor will advice you about the dosage of GABA, and you will also know whether GABA is meant for you or not.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is said of have tremendous potential in treating quite a lot of chronic disorders. From hypertension to epilepsy, GABA does it all. The non-essential amino acid generated in the brain is an absolute aid to many severe complications and can raise the level of Human Growth Hormones as well, but have you ever thought what GABA is all about? Other than being a neurotransmitter and having miraculous healing properties, are the supplements safe? Is yes, what is the extent of safety? Can an overdose of GABA lead to death? These questions often arise in our mind, but there are very few studies to indicate either.

GABA Safety Studies and Results

Studies have revealed that too much of GABA, when ingested can have adverse effects. GABA is also being recognized as the best way of losing body weight and developing a curved physique among bodybuilders. These drugs are usually not prescribed, and the dosage mentioned on the pack is followed, which can be dangerous. While using a GABA supplement, one needs to follow certain factors like any other drugs. GABA dosage depends on the weight of the person and the age as well. These are the two determinant factors. Neglecting any of these can be dangerous.

Safety Precautions, Possible Abuse

GABA is a natural tranquilizer and it induces sleep, and therefore this property of GABA can be abused. Like almost any drug, if ingested significantly more than the recommended amount, it can be fatal. Also, remember to keep GABA away from children, as it is sometimes flavored and chewable.

Beware of Different Types of GABA

Also note that there are different GABA supplements for various complications, one should not take any product containing GABA. GABA for weight loss is totally different from GABA for hypertension and GABA for stress and anxiety. The compositions are different and so is the dosage.

Do not mix up GABA with Gabapentin. The two are totally different from each other. GABA is a neurotransmitter and helps in treating many physical disorders as well as mental blocks, where as Gabapentin is mainly used for treating epilepsy. These days Gabapentin is also being used for neuropathic pain. It was synthesized to ape the chemical structure of GABA, but has failed to function on similar brain receptors.

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8 thoughts on “Safety

  1. Terraine

    I just started my first bottle of GABA 500. I take Xanax .5mg only on an as needed basis which is maybe .25mg 3 days out of a month.
    This morning I took a .25mg xanax and approximately an hour later, I started my dose of 3 gaba. Within the hour I started having this rapid heartbeat, nausea and weakness almost mimmicking a panic attack. This feeling comes and goes about every 30 minutes or so. I can only wonder if it is the xanax and the gaba together. My goal is to only take the gaba, I just didn’t think ahead. Should I be worried?

    1. evelyn

      hi please let me know once you find if its the gaba or xanax , im considerin buyin gaba from the comp bio- alternatives in powder form. after readin this im gonna wait”

  2. Robyn

    When starting to take GABA you can not be on any other medication for moods such as xanax, or paxil. You have to wing off your currant meds then wait 48 hours after taking the very last pill so it gets out of your system before starting on GABA.

  3. Karen

    I heard that when taking GABA there should not be any other medications drugs like another type of neurotransmitter for brain mixed or you should have a Dr. advise . I know when combined the same effect that you had will cause racing heart. Just get advise before doing anything else.

  4. Gina

    Yes you do not want to mix the Xanax and or any med especially Ativan with the GABA. You can have detrimental effects. I know because I have done this before myself and because I am a nurse. Please be careful!

  5. Gina

    Want to clarify my last email in regards to GABA and Xanax. You want to space the dosages out between both in other words you shouldn’t take them within 2-4 hours or more of each other or you may continue to keep having those weird attacks. Hope this helps! Gina

  6. Jgnl

    I got this from a very trusted health food & nutrition store. A very knowledgable salesperson helped me. I said my symptoms were anxiety and OCD lack of sleep
    Due to worry etc etc
    I took this last night and I started to feel a little relaxed nothing dramatic
    The next thing I know… I woke up and it was morning!!!!!!
    I have not sleep through the night I disturbed in 14 years!
    I can’t even believe this! Not only that I woke up and didn’t even know what day it was… LoL. My sleep must have been deep!

    I only took one night so we will see how it goes. I took 3/4 teaspoon of the powder GABA Max by pro life. I also took st johns wort 50mg and 5htp so not sure if this had any effect but I take those daily and never slept like this so I’m assuming the GABA did the trick. However it could be the combination of the 3 that actually worked so well together.

  7. Jennie

    I mix GABA and St Johns Wort and I feel incredible! I don’t take them at the same time…perhaps an hour or apart? I was taking the GABA pills from whole foods which were okay…but then I found the pure powdered form on This stuff makes me feel high without the paranoia, nausea or sleepiness. I can function very well…drive a car, have a conversation… and best of all my anxiety has decreased or maybe even gone away. I think St Johns Wort and powdered GABA is a great combo!


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